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Life is an adventurous journey, owning a business is a part of that journey for myself, my guests, and listeners.

We share our challenges, strategies, tips, and experience to help you grow your business.


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About This Show

I interview solopreneurs and business owners about how and why they started their business and how they differentiate themselves.

 Guests include successful small business owners, coaches, consultants, service providers, etc.

In most episodes guests talk about the inspiration that set them on their path to business ownership. Leading into what the beginning of their entrepreneurial adventure was like and how they differentiated their business to stand out from the crowd. And finally, how their business has developed and what they are doing now.

Other episodes will be quick business and technology tips for solopreneurs and small business owners.

Topics might include software, computer and /or phone apps, productivity hacks, podcasting, podcast guesting,marketing tips, etc.

About Your Host

Your host, Joe Matz, has over 35 years of small business ownership. His adventures began in when he moved to Italy, where he became the sales lead for an international company.

When the company wanted to expand to South America they asked Joe to head up the operations from San Paulo Brazil.

While in Brazil Joe began speaking at conferences and seminars while running a national distribution and sales organization.

After nine years in Brazil he returned to Italy where he started a language school, an international consultancy, and a mountain bike tourism company.

After a total of 18 years abroad Joe returned the the United States where he ran a number of businesses before deciding in 2011 to become a small business coach and share his knowledge, experience and expertise (his KEEs) with select business owners.

Today Joe services private clients, runs masterminds and master classes, creates online courses, and is soon to launch an  online community of business owners who want to achieve excellence in business and life.

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