Podcast Guest Appearances by Joe Matz

During this podcast episode, Aveline & I talk about building businesses in different cultures and my personal entrepreneur journey

  • Age of authenticity: be yourself, attract/repel

  • Having different perspectives is crucial for success

  • Value of community in personal and business growth

  • And More…

During this podcast episode, Diana & I walk through my simple to follow process including:

  • Researching podcasts in your niche including keywords

  • Prepare to leave the audience with a gift

  • Prepare for the interview like a speech

  • And More…
  • Steps and Strategies for Podcast Guesting
  • Challenges and Life Abroad
  • Business Coaching and Client Expectations
  • Create joyful customer experiences
  • Owning your experience and solving big problems is key to closing gaps in your programs
  • Entrepreneurship is a journey of overcoming challenges
  • Today is the Age of Authenticity
  • How to be a great guest on podcasts
  • Podcast Guesting Success course
  • Living and working in your genius zone
  • How to be a great guest on podcasts
  • Increase your impact and business with exposure to new audiences 
  • Turning your knowledge, experience, and expertise into income
  • Identifying and codifying your unique knowledge and experience
  • How to create a signature program and help others on their business journey
  • Discovering your natural talents and gifts
  • Learning to live and work in different cultures
  • Universal teaching and training methods 
  • Creating a unique signature program
  • Starting businesses while living abroad
  • Asking questions to get to the root cause
  • Podcast Origin Stories
  • What not to do When You Start Your Podcast
  • Learning Business Lesson From Unrelated Businesses 
  • Learning and Teaching Around The World
  • Adapting to New Environments and Cultures
  • Experience Informs Your Expertise 
  • 18 Years Building Businesses on Foreign Soil
  • Monthly Inflation of 42% & Currency Devaluation of 50%
  • New Languages, New Cultures
Joe Matz
  • Stand Out From Your Competitors
  • Market Testing your idea
  • Cultivate (Not Qualify) Your Prospects
  • Separate Yourself From The Pack
  • Losing $13,000 Renting a Convention Center
  • The Right Coach Can Rejuvenate Your Business
  • Provide a Transformation
  • Present a Path From A to B
  • Reinvention is Part of Business
  • Play to Your Strengths, Be The Solution, Know Who You Serve
  • Finding Genius
  • Life and Business Adventures
  • Commitment and Single Focus
  • Training, Learning, and Accountability
  • Overcoming Obstacles Gets Easier With Experience
  • Reinventing Business Models During Covid
  • Provide Value to Your Audience
  • Recurring Revenue Model


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