7 Essential Questions To Answer Before Re-Starting Your Business

80 Minute Mastermind Series

Thinking about how to restart your business when we get back to the “New Normal”?

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April 30th

The COVID-19 crisis may still be pummelling your business, but there will come a time when the storm starts to ebb. That’s when you have a unique opportunity.

Join me and other business leaders for an online interactive discussion.

 April 30th, 2020 1:30pm ET

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Over the last 30 years I’ve owned and managed many businesses including:

  • A Marketing and Advertising Business
  • A full service Restaurant & Sports Bar
  • A Mortgage Brokerage
  • A Convention & Public Speaking Business
  • A Language School
  • A Mountain BikeTour Company
  • A Website Development and Hosting Service Company
  • 2 Business Consulting Agencies, one in Italy and one in the USA

In that time I’ve learned some universal truths about building businesses. Today I work with small and medium sized business owners to create more resilient, durable, and valuable businesses.

Helping business owners back-off or back-out 

on their own terms

As difficult as it may feel to face, now is the time to re-evaluate everything you’ve done in the past and commit to building a more durable, valuable company for the future. During this 80 Minute Mastermind, you will:

  • Discover the biggest mistake business owners make when rebuilding from a disaster
  • Learn what Buyers value in the businesses they aquire
  • Identify which of your product/service lines are worth rebuilding now
  • Explore 8 Reasons Big Companies Buy Littles Ones
  • Answer 7 essential questions you need to address before starting to reconstruct the value of your company

FREE Session … What’s the Catch?

No Catch

The only thing I request is that if you gain value from our time together, you agree to provide a short written review sharing the value of the session.

Without the forces of inertia pushing you in the direction you’ve always gone, you have a moment to decide where you want to be. It’s an opportunity to rethink how you approach your company — to rebuild your business into what you’ve always dreamed it could be before little decisions, stacked on top of each other, became too hard to undo.

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Looking forward to seeing you on April 30th at 1:30 ET

It’s your time to rethink everything:

  • Before customers start buying, there’s a time to re-define what you want to sell post-pandemic
  • Before re-hiring employees, there’s a window to consider which teammates exemplify your values the most, who deserves a more significant role, and perhaps if there is anyone you’re better off without.
  • Before bringing everyone back to work, there’s a moment to consider what kind of environment and culture you want to create