Who is your Backup Quarterback?

We all know football is a team effort, it takes a tremendous and well trained team to take the win from another tremendously well trained team. Even so the quarterback shoulders a huge part of the pressure and it is often said the quarterback wins or loses the game.

If you own a business, and you’re the quarterback, you are winning or losing the game, even with a team behind you and beside you, you shoulder the majority of the pressure. If you’re the quarterback in your business, you’re taking your team and your business to the win. 

Recently in the NFL we’ve seen two second string quarterbacks build a winning streak.

The Saints: with Drew Brees out with a thumb injury, Teddy Bridgewater has taken the team to 5 straight wins.

The Panthers: with second string QB Kyle Allen, filling in for Cam Newton, has won 4 straight games.

This didn’t happen by accident. The team managers and team leaders knew they needed a backup quarterback on deck. They had a contingency plan and they hired quarterbacks that sat on the bench most of the time. The backup QBs were ready to take over, they knew the plays, they knew the talents on the field with them, and they knew how to take the team to the win.

Are you the quarterback of your business? How dependent is your business on your day to day presence?

If you’d like to work less and keep being the owner, or transition your business to the next generation, or even sell your business sometime in the future, creating a business that can thrive without you will pay multiples back in benefits.