Capture Your Future Buyers

Today’s buyers have a choice and are also loaded with information. It’s not like the pre-internet days when the salesperson had all the information and the buyer relied on the seller to educate them about the product or service. As business owners we need to understand the Buyer’s Journey and create a sales process to meet the prospects needs. 

One of your most important jobs as a business owner is to educate the prospect as to why you are the best option out there.  You can do this by understanding the buyers journey and helping the buyer move along the path. Until they decide you are worthy of receiving their hard earned money keep informing and educating. 

With a well defined, written sales process that answers questions the buyer already has and explains the uniqueness of your offer would increase your conversion rate.

Your offer is composed of many things including:
  • Your person
  • Your company
  • Your competence
  • Your pricing (see Pricing Strategy to increase revenue)
  • Your perceived level of caring
  • Your social reputation
  • Your values and your company’s values
When designing a sales process these are all important points to keep in mind.
Remember:  Your sales process, including your follow-up process, should be centered around educating your prospect about:
  • How you solve a problem they do not want any longer
  • How you provide a result that want but do not have yet
  • How the unique value you bring to the table best meets their needs
The goal is to nail this process down and position yourself as the best option to serve the needs and desires of your niche market. 
Choosing an Outfitter for Kilimanjaro: Our Buyer’s Journey
In the summer of 2017, my family began planning a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  From thinking maybe this is something we can and want to do, our buyer’s journey continued to deciding who we were going to give our money to.
Below is a quick one minute video about the Buyer’s Journey we went through in choosing a trekking outfitter to get us up the mountain.

How much money did the other companies loose out on? About $180,000 USD. 

How much are you loosing out on because your sales process is not refined and systematized?


Through Eagle Business Services I work with businesses to refine all aspects of their sales process from defining the ideal client, innovating to meet their ideal clients needs, to creating a duplicatable and scalable sales process.

Let’s talk about your Sales Process.

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