Our coaching program brings tremendous impact to our clients, but don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the reviews received from business people from around the globe.

I had the pleasure of working with Joe on different M&A projects. Joe is a man of integrity and he is authentic. I recommend Joe in any endeavor he is truly interested in the best out come of his clients.

Daniel Epstein
Sales and Marketing Director / The Oaks at Whitaker Glen

Joe is very knowledgeable and is an expert in his field. Always gives over and beyond. He takes the time to listen and then provide solutions that would best suit your needs. If you are a business owner looking to make a transition out of your business and onto new adventures on your terms, he is the person for you!

Sherri McManus

Its funny, working with Joe, many clients went from wanting to sell their business to keeping their business because the work APEX-able did made their businesses more profitable with far less effort expended.

Domenic Battistella

Joe's business insights and strategies have brought me a level of confidence that I can say wholeheartedly allowed myself and my business to flourish.  Joe is a master of the simple explanations because he knows his stuff that well.

Rob A. Lohr
Digital Bookkeeper

Highly recommend Joe. Before our first session, I was getting increasingly frustrated that whilst I was getting good feedback from sales presentations for our referral system but no conversions. Joe gave me some hard truths and put me back on track - I am now converting around 3 out of 4

Tim Peniston
Managing Director / Orangutan

I can say in my 6 months of working with Joe in the mastermind group and as an accountability partner, he’s a first class person who has a passion for helping people. He does what he says and has high integrity and a strong work ethic.

Pete Kane
Digital Marketing Specialist

I found Joe to be an excellent listener, and he came up with just the right solution for my website challenge in very little time and for a fair price. Joe is also an expert in many other areas. I highly recommend Joe for his ability to cut through technological problems with ease.

Judith Fine-Sarchielli

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Joe Matz of APEX-able for a while now. Joe is a trusted referral partner of mine and an excellent source of information on how to improve your business operations.

Van Daughtry

I really appreciate the clarity and confidence that I’ve gained in working with Joe Matz and his program “Close the Gap, Open Your Potential”. Working with Joe feels like more than having a coach...it feels like having a trusted partner in my business.

Bill Hershey

I met Joe at ICA, he was my coach, we just finished our last session this week. His coaching skills are very powerful, he is a great listener and super guide in walking you on the path towards your personal and professional goals. Joe is an excellent life and business coach and I do recommend him to you.

Anita Kovacic
Chief Executive Officer / Raiffeisen Bank Kosova

Joe has been a pleasure to work with over the past year or so. He possesses one of the most valuable qualities you can have in any organization, resourcefulness. He excels at finding the difficult answers or solutions to problems.

Leslie Landry
President and ITIL Expert Instructor / Aspen Transformation Inc.

Before working with Joe, I was stuck and ready to quit my parent coaching business—which would have been sad because I've helped a lot of families. Joe helped me get the clarity I needed on my purpose and my goals, and he gave me specific how-tos to make those goals happen.

Trish Wilkinson

Joe is a very polite, kind and compassionate coach. He listens well and is very creative in his approach to coaching. He has lots of good ideas and encourages creative thinking. He gave me confidence in my abilities through his feedback and because he has a lot of life experience, he always has something to contribute.

Andi Brand
Cycle tourist, Vegangelist, Coach, Knitter, Free Spirit

Joe is an excellent resource for strategy and solutions that will help make a business stronger and more valuable.  He brings a calm, thoughtful, yet light approach to what can sometimes feel like a stressful starting point!

Wendy Harrington
President & Owner / Beacon Creative Lab
Cymber Lily Quinn

Through thought-provoking questions, and deep listening, Joe helped me clarify the needs and problems of the clients who will be the best fit for me.

Cymber Lily Quinn

As I have come to know Joe, he’s not only a fantastic businessman, he’s a fantastic person. Extremely nice, insightful, and knowledgeable. He brings a common-sense approach to how you can maximize the revenue and income in any business.

Brent Kappler
Bank Manager/Asst. Vice President / Equity Bank

Joe is very focused in what he does, a highly dedicated professional with all the attributes to pursue and conquer goals; he has a good balance of qualities for leadership which translates into a stimulating person to work with.

Adelmo J. Santiago Ramos

We help solopreneurs, micro businesses, and executives create unique signature programs based on their KEEs (Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise) that outfit their business to reach new summits.


We distill your KEEs into valuable solution orientated programs, close the knowledge gaps, and create a unique offer.  We then create a monetizing roadmap to fill your calendar with your ideal clients.

How do we do that?

  • Uncover the BIG problem that you are uniquely outfitted to solve. 
  • Drill down on your ideal client in your ideal niche.
  • We transform your KEEs, creativity, and uniqueness into a thought leadership position.
  • Together we create a transformational program that clearly shows your ideal clients how you will solve their biggest, hairiest problem.
  • Optimize your marketing message and focus on your highest conversion marketing channel.

Problems we can solve

  • I don’t know how to monetize my experiencce.
  • I know I can make a positive impact but I’m not getting enough attention from potential clients.
  • I’m talking with potential clients every day but no one is buying.
  • I’m constantly discounting and suffering from scope creep so much I’m barely making any profit.

How we’re different

We focus on what you are already good at, niche it down, discover where you are unique, create a service offering that only you can provide, and develop an outreach program to attract and convert your ideal prospects into clients.

With over 30 years owning and operating businesses in Italy, Brazil, and the US, I’ve learned a lot about building businesses and standing out from the crowd. Our program begins with what makes you unique and then leverage your uniqueness to stand out and attract your ideal clients.

Who we work with

Our clients know they can positively impact lives and businesses. They might come from corporate, small business, or the coaching/consulting industry. 

They are looking for a transition from:

  • A corporate job to business ownership
  • Service industry experience to business ownership
  • Micro Business ownership to uniquely positioned scalable business 
  • Struggling Solopreneurs to filled calendar of high paying clients.
  • Struggling Coaches to one of a kind thought leaders with full calendars.

How Our Program Transforms Businesses

Working one on one we follow a process that closes the gap from where you are to where you want to be.  

What do my clients think? Check out the recent testimonials

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