18 years ago, I named my business Eagle Business Services. This year I am renaming my business to APEX-able.

I’ve always had a certain fascination with eagles and I’ve been involved with small business before even graduating from university. 18 years ago I was overseeing a number of businesses and it made sense to create a legal entity.

Eagle Business Services has always had a stellar reputation and the name change has everything to do with modernizing the image of my company.

Simply put: I recently got to a point where the name and the logo no longer represented how I and my business has evolved.

As the process of updating all the online web pages, social media, and emails continues “Eagle Business Services” will still be showing up. I apologize for any confusion during this transition period.

What does this mean to you?

More free resources will be created to support your business growth.

The video podcast “Espresso JAMs” has evolved into a podcast available on all popular podcast apps. My team and I will also be producing quick business and technology vod/podcasts episodes.

Soon to be released are online courses, group coaching, publications, and transformation growth sprints.

To all those who have supported and grown with Eagle Business Services I appreciate you more than you know and thank you wholeheartedly.  I am excited for the evolved direction of APEX-able and the continued growth of your businesses.

I see live as an adventure and business ownership as one of the most exciting and rewarding sub adventures that we can partake in on this planet.  My social media accounts and email are always available if there is any way that I can support you in your adventure know that I am here.

Stay tuned… More to come.


Business Transformation Gapologist